How to use lockdown to discover LGBTQ+ resources

Lockdown is a terrible time. We do not know what to do, we find ourselves at home going around in circles, we are looking for ways to keep busy. It is then up to us to operate a Copernican revolution and to transform this dead time into fruitful time.

So let’s take the opportunity to discover and catch up on all these late titles that have piled up on the edge of the bed, to discover important resources from other countries that we did not have time to check out, to watch webseries, webcomics, to subscribe MOOCs that, it must be admitted, we would not be allowed to follow in normal times.

In the following list, we tried to emphasize resources can be found for free online.

LGBTQ+ collections

At first you can check catalogs and online exhibitions from LGBTQ+ Archives and Libraries from all around the world :

The ArQuives, Canada’s LGBTQ2+ Archives

But then, there are plenty resources to read, watch, listen that you can discover. Please, go to your local library to check if these are in the collections. You can also try your public/university library platform to look after LGBTQ+ materials like (a French-language digital book platform available in Québec and Canada, where several titles in digital format address LGBTQ+ themes) or …

Free online resources

LGBTQ+ books to read

LGBTQ+ Webcomics

Have you ever tried to read webcomics ? Maybe it’s time to begin (and here is a beginner ‘s guide) [EN]

“Assignée garçon”, a webcomic on transidentity in french by Sophie Labelle

LGBTQ+ movies

There are plenty of LGBTQ+ movies that you should watch or give it a try. Need to find a title, just cast a glance on Wikipedia or Rotten Tomatoes and then, go to your library to check what they have in their digital collections.

LGBTQ+ webseries

LGBTQ+ Podcast

⇒ LGBTQ+ MOOCs and educational resources

Mooc from University of Michigan

If you know any other resources that we forgot or do not know, please add your own in blog comments.